Nigel Dawes operates his clinic in Union Square in the heart of New York City. His personal style of practice is informed by his training in the Japanese principles of East Asian Medicine and incorporates Acupuncture, Shiatsu & Kampo herbology in his approach to patient care.

Nigel integrates a thorough understanding of Western medical conditions with the time-honored science and art of East Asian Medicine to offer the most sophisticated and complete care to his patients. He provides treatment for a wide range of conditions with a focus on digestive disorders, gynecological and fertility conditions and orthopedic conditions. He also treats allergies, cardio-vascular disorders, respiratory issues, auto-immune disorders, chronic viral conditions including HIV and CFS alongside many other symptoms and conditions, including and especially supportive cancer care.


Nigel practices Zen Shiatsu, a particular style within the umbrella of hands-on healing approaches deriving from Japan. Whether integrated within an acupuncture treatment or as a stand-alone modality, this form of gentle, whole body pressure massage incorporates stretch, release and manipulation to improve flow and distribution of blood, fluids and energy within the mind-body. It can be effective in treating specific conditions as well as promoting overall stress reduction and relaxation. Treatment lasts one hour.

Literally translated as "Finger Pressure," this traditional Japanese form of bodywork incorporates pressure applied with the thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet to balance the flow of energy in the channels or "meridians" of the body. It also includes Sotai (muscular stretch and release work) and Seitai (Manipulation) as part of a comprehensive hands-on healing modality.


Nigel practices acupuncture in the Japanese Meridian Therapy tradition, using the finest gauge needles with extremely gentle or sometimes no insertion. Treatment normally consists of two phases: the first, termed the "root", uses approximately four needles to harmonize and balance the meridian energy flow based on pulse findings; the second phase, termed the "branch," uses points selected to address the patient's specific symptoms and conditions. Treatment lasts one hour.

Kampo Herbology

Nigel is the premiere practitioner of the Kampo style of herbology in the United States. Kampo is a specialized Japanese method of diagnostics and prescription based on classical herbal formulas as outlined in one of the earliest texts of East Asian Medicine, the Shang Han Za Bing Lun. Combining abdominal palpation with an assessment of the patient's constitution and symptoms, an herbal formula is prescribed specifically targeted to treat the patient's overall condition. The patient is subsequently closely monitored for possible modifications or changes to the original prescription. Initial visits are 1 hour, follow-ups 30 mins.

Literally translated as "The Chinese Method" the term "Kampo"refers to the practice of Classical Chinese Herbology from the Han Dynasty in its adopted form in Japan. Currently it is estimated about 80% of all licensed MD's and Pharmacists practice some form of Kampo in Japan today and in that country the herbs are available by prescription only and covered by the National Health system of Insurance. For further information please refer to: Kampo: A Clinical Guide to Theory and Practice; Churchill Livingstone, 2010, ISBN: 0443100934


Nigel keeps a comprehensive inventory of classical formulas onsite readily available to the patient at the point of service. These are conveniently available in the form of granular herbal extracts, drunk in tea form, which is the standard way herbs are manufactured and distributed in Japan. Subject to stringent GMP standards, Japanese as well as those products also used from Taiwan are known for their superior quality control and safety and are approved for sale in the US by the FDA. In cases where raw herb decoctions are required patients may visit the premier New York Chinese Herb Dispensary located close to Nigel's office: Kamwo Meridian Herbs -

Patient Information

Nigel welcomes people of all ages, including children, with any range of symptoms or conditions.

Though he is not a provider with any HMO's, more than 50% of his patients do receive third party reimbursement from their insurance carriers for out-of-network acupuncture. The office can provide a superbill direct to the patient for such claims, which can also be used for tax-exempt health expenditure accounts.